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 What does travel look like for an average family living in the middle of the suburbs with a minivan and a typical middle-class income? We don't have an unlimited budget or a travel agent on speed dial, but our stories prove that an ordinary family can find a way to break out of the mundane and find extraordinary travel adventures. Here you will find our living journal, which is part travelogue, part travel tips, plenty of travel mishaps, but always real life encouragement for you to write your own travel story.

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So much of travel is about the logistics and, as such, much of this website has practical tips and useful advice. These are the stories that defy practical and useful and instead hit straight to the heart of travel. These are the moments that are permanently etched in my treasure trove of happy memories, and these are the places that have left an indelible mark on my soul. These words, more than any others, are the diary of my most memorable, most vulnerable, most evocative moments. This is my written heartbeat.

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Meet the Author: Jessica is a former teacher, a current behavior therapist, and a future crazy cat lady, but instead of collecting cats, she’ll collect passport stamps. Until then, she is the mom of four boys who range in age from teens to tots, a homeschooler, and a believer in traveling often and eating really good chocolate.

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